• Image of Kirby's Tea Time Surprise
  • Image of Kirby's Tea Time Surprise

Kirby's Tea Time Surprise
It's tea time at Kirby cafe! These detailed figures show Kirby and friends in various situations related to all things delicious and yum!
These are surprising box figurines, which design will you get? Designs are randomly sent.

Line up includes...
1. Majipan Kirby's Dessert Plate
2. Kirby's Star au lait
3. Kirby's Maxim Tomato Cake
4. Daroach's Short Cake
5. Waddle Dee's Chamomile Tea
6. Meta Knight's Blended Coffee
7. Magolor's Apple Tea
8. King Dedede & Tea Pot

Box: 90 (height) x 70 (width) x 55 (depth) mm


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