• Image of Manmaru Dawan Plush Doggies

まんまるだわん びっぐ

Very popular! Introducing the cute round and rolling dogs "Manmaru Dawan!"!
- Shiba Inu
- Poodle
- Bull Terrier
- Labrador retriever
- Beagle

Collect all species ♪♪
BIG size is big enough to hold! ♪
If you put it on the sofa etc.
A size that can also be used as a cushion ♪

W30x D37x H26cm


  • Shiba Inu
    6 in stock
  • Poodle
    6 in stock
  • Bull Terrier
    5 in stock
  • Labrador retriever
    6 in stock
  • Beagle
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