• Image of Otter Kawauso Kun

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Available late March - Preorders opening soon!

Plush otter with a squeaky belly! Featured in an adorable pose with both hands raised as if to say "hello!" The paws of the hands are embroidered. When you hold the stomach, you will hear a cute sound like "Pukyu!"

Featured From left to right...
1. カワウソくん こけちゃ - Kawausokun Kokechya (Dark Brown mouth closed)

2. ごまけん カワウソくん こけちゃ - Gomaken Kawausokun Kokechya (Dark brown mouth open)

3. カワウソくん うすちゃ - Kawausokun Usuchya (Llight brown mouth closed)

4. ごまけん カワウソくん うすちゃ - Gomaken Kawausokun Usuchya (light brown mouth open, eyes closed)

W10.5 x D8x H27cm ( Ear Tail Not included )

Coming Soon