• Image of Plush Doll Potetanzu cat

Potetanzu cat with a cute, slightly fat form!

Line up includes...
Mike-Potenyan, Saba-Potenyan, Kiji-Potenyan, and Cream-Potenyan.

The soft and stretchy fabric is very comfortable to the touch.
It feels so good that you can't help but touch it.

The design of the Potenyan body, the carefree expression, the small arms and legs, and the rounded back are cute in every way!

13cm x 10cm x 10cm


  • 2. Saba-Potenyan (grey)
    11 in stock
  • 3. Kiji-Potenyan (yellow)
    14 in stock
  • 4. Cream-Potenyan (cream)
    13 in stock
  • 1. Mike-Potenyan (white, black and brown ears)
    10 in stock