• Image of Puchimaru Irodori Kingyo Goldfish

Puchimaru series

Summer classic petite round goldfish. Assorted various types of goldfish such as
elegant Ryukin and Tosakin, goldfish scooping classic black telescope and goldfish, and comet with a long tail fin like a meteor.

Puchimaru goldfish are a summer staple. An assortment of various types of goldfish, including the graceful Ryukin and Tosakin, the black Demekin and Wakin that are standard in goldfish scooping, and the Comet with its long, meteor-like tail fin.

H5.0 × W4.0 × D6.0cm
Available July


  • 2. Kurodemekin - Black goldfish
    0 in stock
  • 3. Riyukin - White with orange fin
    0 in stock
  • 4. Kometsuto - White with orange blob and white fin
    7 in stock
  • 5. Riyukin (pinku) - pink and white
    2 in stock
  • 6. Sanshoku - White and orange with black spots
    0 in stock
  • 7. Ierokometsuto - Yellow goldfish
    13 in stock
  • 8. Wakin - Orange goldfish
    0 in stock
  • 1. Tosakin - Orange with white tip fin and tail
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