• Image of Tsumuko Hamster Doll

Tsumuko hamster Doll.
Soft soft soft vinyl with a flocky finish.
When you push (or pinch) the soft and comfortable body, it makes a sound like "Pukyuu! (when you pinch it), it makes a sound like a squeak.
This is so addictive that you will probably press it again and again!
It comes in a [cage-shaped capsule] in three colours: pink, orange, and green.

W4.8 x D6 x H3.4 cm
Capsule/About W7×D7×H7cm


  • 2. ブラウン Buraun (brown)
    43 in stock
  • 3. イエロー Leron (yellow)
    48 in stock
  • 4. ページュ Pejiyu (beige)
    41 in stock
  • 5. ホワイト Howaito (white)
    47 in stock
  • 1. グレ Gure (grey)
    47 in stock