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Mugyunui Axolotl Petit - むぎゅめい
Mugyunui of the ever-popular "Whoopee-roopa" from the super standard series [Korokoro-Laifu] is now available!
The [Mugyu-Nui] specification using stretchy glutinous fabric and foam beads allows you to enjoy the pleasant feeling of touch even though the doll is small!

Size: Approximately W5.5 x D5.5 x H4.5cm

Line up:
1. ぴんく Pinku (pink)
2. ぺぴーぴんく Pepi pinku (baby pink)
3. くりむ Kurimu (cream)


  • 2. ぺぴーぴんく Pepi pinku (baby pink)
    47 in stock
  • 3. くりむ Kurimu (cream)
    47 in stock
  • 1. ぴんく Pinku (pink)
    47 in stock