• Image of Namakemono ナマケモノ  x Sloth x YELL (JB)

なまけぇ もちふ わおおきめ
Namakee mochifuwa ookime

Here comes a stuffed toy of cute rolling [sloths]!
Usually, sloths have long arms and legs, but these [Sloths] have short arms and legs. They are characterized by their short arms and legs.
They seem to have degenerated because they were too lazy! LOL!
Their chubby form is also very cute, isn't it!
This plush toy is made of [mochi fluffy] material, using stretchy glutinous fabric and extremely fluffy cotton.
It is chewy and indescribably pleasant to the touch!
It is a large size!

Size:Approx. W23 x D28 x H16 cm

Line up (left to right)
1. まんじゅ (Manju) - Brown
2. おこげん (Okogen) Dark Brown
3. おもっち (Omotsuchi) Cream
4. よもぎぃ (Yomogii) Grey


  • 2. おこげん (Okogen) Dark Brown
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  • 3. おもっち (Omotsuchi) Cream
    1 in stock
  • 4. よもぎぃ (Yomogii) Grey
    1 in stock
  • 1. まんじゅ (Manju) - Brown
    1 in stock